Ivakhiv’s books of the decade

December 20, 2010

Over at Immanence, Prince of Networks (there’s actually no definite article in the title) made 3rd place on Ivakhiv’s “books of the decade” list for ecocultural theory. Nice gesture by Ivakhiv, given our repeated duels on the relationism question.

Actually, I’m going to SEND YOU OVER TO HIS LIST because he does such a nice job of describing these books that you may find some titles that change things for you.

In fact, it’s such a good idea that I would do the same, except that despite my great record-keeping for everything else, I no longer keep an annual list of books that influenced me. Every month I do record what I’ve been reading, but it would take too long to search through 120 months’ worth of lists.

Instead, I will offer a different sort of “best of the decade” service, in the next post.


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