Vitale, on the road to Damascus…

December 5, 2010

It’s not quite a conversion experience à la Morton, but CHRIS VITALE’S OBJECTIONS TO OOO HAVE VANISHED.

Apparently, both Levi and I said some fresh words at UCLA that Vitale had never heard before, and they were enough to satisfy some of his objections.

Just one clarification. Vitale says:

“particularly now that Graham has unveiled some quite interesting stuff on events, impacts, sets, and aggregates from The Quadruple Object

I’m glad he liked that part of my second UCLA lecture, which I’m also excited by. However, it’s actually much newer than The Quadruple Object! I just thought of it in the last few weeks, and UCLA was the first test-drive of those ideas. I want OOO to be a lot more concrete than it’s been before. We need to start generating methodological insights that can be of definite value to our growing number of readers in various disciplines.

I’m basically in agreement with Levi that philosophies succeed by giving other people interesting work to do.


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