This is posted at the request of my friend Tim Stock, who is on the faculty at Salisbury State. The job posting is HERE.

Just saw this in a tweet by Rita Felski: HERE.

In September, but you ought to order it now since the first printing is likely to sell out quickly. It’s called Play Anything.

Whether you know Ian from his already extant oeuvre of works in technology and philosophy, from his pinpoint precision articles in The Atlantic, or from his *rotfl* world’s funniest Twitter account, you know that there aren’t many people out there who can equal his mental and literary skills. This book will be amazing. I’m ordering it this very minute.

By Laureano Rálon, HERE.

Cogburn may be best known to my readers as the co-translator (with Mark Ohm) of Tristan Garcia’s Form and Object.

He is in the philosophy department at Louisiana State University, and may now be at the top of my rolling “people I know best without ever having met them” list. He’s the one analytic philosopher who has most quickly grasped the point of Speculative Realism and Object-Oriented Ontology, and has added a lot to both currents with his own original insights.

This will become more apparent than ever in his forthcoming book Garcian Meditations, the finalized manuscript of which we have just received. You can expect publication sometime during Spring Semester 2017.

Garcian Meditations is a brilliant reading of Garcia’s work, my own, Meillassoux’s, and the work of others. Perhaps the intellectual high point of it is Cogburn’s reading of Speculative Realism in terms of how each different strand of SR has a different way of coming to grips with what Graham Priest calls self-inclosure paradoxes: “I am lying,” “I am thinking a thing outside thought,” and so forth.

Cogburn ends up reading Garcia is taking a similar path to Priest’s own, whereas Meillassoux’s solution and mine are shown to be very different ways of addressing the threat of self-inclosure.

But that’s just part of it. I can’t overstate how much I’ve learned from reading Cogburn’s book in draft form.

Cogburn will also be co-translating Garcia’s follow-up work, La vie intense, which was published in English this past April. The English version will appear –where else?– in its proper home: the Speculative Realism series at Edinburgh University Press.

In case you read Polish, you can find the details HERE. The translator is Marcin Rychter in Warsaw, one of the most intense intellectuals you could ever meet, and given his top-flight literary sensibilities I’m sure the translation must read very well in Polish.

“So many friends in Turkey. Great people, amazing people. We wish them well. A lot of anguish last night, but hopefully it will all work out.”

Does he have even half a thought in his head?

safe at home in Turkey

July 16, 2016

We’re on the west coast, and were spending the evening in Bodrum for our niece’s birthday when coup footage began to appear on TV. We made it back up the coast to where we are staying this week, in a creepy but uneventful 3 AM drive. All of our relatives in Ankara are safe at home, though some friends there report hearing the bombs and other ongoing conflict near government facilities.


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